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Our mission in life is not to change the world, our mission is to change ourselves
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Sometimes when writing serious reports or other documents it helps me to try to work in a few interesting words. The game is to find a way to work them in legitimately. Using them as fictitious names is a last resort that should only be adopted if you are really stuck or you know that the people who will read your work are allergic to unusual words
Interesting Word Simple Definition 
Acaulescent having a very short stem 
Agrestic rude, uncultured, coarse 
Aleatory accidental, chance, occurring randomly 
Banausic dully mechanical, purely functional or materialistic 
Callipygian having beautiful or elegantly shaped buttocks 
Casuistry solving of moral dilemmas by the application of general principles of ethics 
Cenobiotic pertaining to a community life, as of monks or uni-cellular organisms 
Condign well deserved or well merited (usually of punishment) 
Confabulate to chat 
Crepitus crackling sound from the chest, as of pneumonia patient 
Defenestration act of throwing someone or something out of a window 
Deipnosophist one who excels at conversations at the dinner table 
Eleemosynary relating to charity 
relating to nose blowing
Erinaceous relating to, or resembling, hedgehogs 
Eructation belching or like an eruption 
Exophagy the practice, amongst cannibals, of not eating one's relatives or members of one's tribe 
Fescennine extremely rude, outrageously coarse 
Floccinaucinihilipilification describing something as worthless (the longest non-technical word in the second edition of the Oxford English Dictionary) 
Gallinaceous relating to, or resembling, chickens or pheasants 
Glabrous smooth and bald 
Inanition mental or spiritual hollowness 
Lamia female enchantress or demon 
Logorrhoea excessive talking 
Oleaginous oily personality 
Pareidolia a psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus being perceived as significant, e.g. the man in the moon or seeing images in clouds 
Perspicacious having keen mental perception and understanding 
Pleonasm use of unnecessary or redundant words, e.g. "see with one's own eyes" 
Sciolism pretentious superficial knowledge 
Sesquipedalian using long words 
Steatopygia development of fatty deposits in the buttocks, as among the Bushmen 
Stegophilist one who climbs buildings for fun 
Syzygy alignment of 3 celestial bodies in a straight line 
Tatterdemalion  a person wearing ragged or tattered clothing; a ragamuffin 
Tmesis separation of the parts of a word by another word, e.g. abso-bloody-lutely 


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