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Our mission in life is not to change the world, our mission is to change ourselves
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Hi. The purpose of this weblog is learning all about English.So, what I want you to do is to help me to create the greatest weblog by leaving comments and giving me the topics you want to be discussed in here.(Don't forget that No one is perfect)
Thank you!

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hi.the slangs below,are very common in America.
they are sort alphabetically
He's an ace reporter.(very good)

Do you know where the action is in this town?(excitement)

My brother's friend is a real airhead.(stupid person)

all wet
Your ideas about politics are all wet.(completely wrong)

I almost fell asleep during the test after an all-nighter.(after studying all night)

The gun was useless after the killer ran out of ammo.(ammunition)

I really need some antifreeze in me on cold days like this.(liquor)

This town is really an armpit.(undesirable place)

What an awesome sunset.(great)

Wow, that was really a bad movie.(intense)

He barfed all over the seat of the airplane.(vomited)

The boat was bashed beyond recognition.(crushed)

After working all day I am really beat.(exhausted)

He just bought a new beemer to drive to work in.(B.M.V car)

He was benched during the basketball playoffs.(taken out of the game)

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Out of the blue means "suddenly", "unexpectedly", or "without informing/warning" !

Her brother showed up at the wedding out of the blue.

The teacher gave a quiz out of the blue!

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There's an expression when you agree to phone somebody and let the mobile phone ring two or three times and then hang up. This helps you let the others know something (e.g. that you are waiting for them downstairs) without incurring into any phone expenses.

I don't know what English-speaking people say in such situations and it is strange if they have no exact phrase for it, perhaps they do not send such signals to each other! But as I've heard from some native speakers, they'd say it is an agreed signal. "That's our signal" or "Give me a missed call"

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If you earn the money that you use to live on by the sweat of your brow, you earn it yourself, by doing hard, often physical work.

A decent, hard-working man, he supported his family by the sweat of his brow.

Tom raised these vegetables by the sweat of his brow.

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Make oneself scarce means "leave, depart, go away" !

I think that I will make myself scarce and go to the beach for the day.

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Wetback is a term for Mexicans who cross US border illegally and try to live there. It refers to the crossing of the Rio Grande. But what 'wetback' has to do with Mexicans or illegal immigrants? Nothing. Mexicans used to swim the Rio Grande to get to Texas, so they got their back wet in the process.

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It suggests that you not even try to change things. Keep the status quo, the state something is in.

The team is winning games. I thought about changing the team's lineup, but Joe warned me, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

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laugh: express joy by making a sound, moving the face or body.
She splashed water on Nick and we all began laughing.

chuckle: laugh quietly, because you are thinking about something funny.
What are you chuckling about? I don't see anything funny.

giggle: laugh quietly and repeatedly because you are nervous or embarrassed.
She spilt the juice on the tablecloth and then giggled nervously at me.
give somebody the giggles: make somebody start giggling.

titter: laugh quietly, unkindly at something embarrassing.
After she ended the lecture, she heard someone tittering.

snigger (GB) / snicker (US): laugh quietly, unkindly at something that is not supposed to be funny.
When the teacher tripped on the steps, the boys sniggered.

roar / howl / shriek with laughter: laugh very loudly.
It was such a good comedy that when it finished, he was still roaring with laughter.

chortle: give a loud chuckle of pleasure or amusement.
When I told her the joke, she started to chortle with delight.

cackle: laugh loudly in a high voice.
When I told her the joke, she started cackling and couldn't stop!

guffaw: laugh noisily.
They guffawed at what their baby had done.

jeer: laugh at somebody or shout unkind things at them.
The president was jeered by a crowd of protesters.

burst into laughter: suddenly start laughing.
The class burst into laughter.

laugh your head off: (informal) laugh a lot and loudly.
He told us a joke after another, and we laughed our heads off!

smile: make one's mouth curve upwards, in order to be friendly or because one is happy.
As the boy left, he smiled at his mother and waved.

beam: smile very happily.
The mother looked at her son and beamed proudly.

grin: smile widely.
When she knew she had won the prize, she grinned broadly.

simper: smile in a silly and annoying way.
He simpered at the boys as he spoke.

smirk: smile in an unpleasant way, to show that you are pleased by somebody's bad luck.
The kids smirked when the teacher fell on the floor.

sneer: smile in an unkind way, showing no respect for somebody.
She sneered at her friend's musical tastes.

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Imply means to suggest something without actually saying it directly, whereas infer means to deduce or conclude something based on what someone else has said. 

Pat: Can you afford to buy that car? 
Sam: Are you implying (i.e. saying) that I am poor?
Pat: No. Not at all. I meant that, because you have three cars already, you may not have the time or space to take care of a fourth car. You've inferred (i.e. concluded) the wrong meaning!
Here is a question. Please answer it in comments part
In her interview, she----that she was being hounded by the press

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as you know An acronym is a shortened form of a compound or a phrase where the initial letters are pronounced as if they spelled a single word. for instance, NATO "North Atlantic Treaty Organization"

An abbreviation is a shortened form of a word, compound, or phrase, usually consisting of the first letter(s) of the word, compound, or phrace. if the abbreviation is pronounced, the letters are sounded one by one
Here are more examples:
IOU = I owe you
PS = Post Script
UFO = Unidentified Flying Objects
FYI = For Your Information
HEW = Health Education Welfare
G.B. = Great Britain / Gigabytes
N.B. = Nota Bene = Pay attention
VIP = Very Important Person
TB = Tuberculosis
MIRV = Multiple Independent Reentry Vehicles
SOP = Standard Operating Procedure
NCO = Non Commissioned Officer
ESL = English as Second Language
IAEA = International Atomic Energy Agency
SSE = South South East
WHO = World Health Organization.

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A driving test (also known as a driving exam) is a procedure designed to test a person's ability to drive a motor vehicle.

A test drive is when you drive an automobile to assess it, usually before buying it.

!Note - you need to have passed your driving test in order to take a test drive.

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When two negatives are used in one single clause, it is called a double negative. It is usually used to emphasize the negative in a statement, and is only considered acceptable in informal language, though it is grammatically incorrect. This is because, according to the rules of language, just like Mathematics, two negatives result in a positive.Double negatives are mostly used in speech, and rarely in writing.

Here I try to identify double negatives with the help of the examples mentioned below, along with implied meaning, and the actual meaning.

She can't make no friends with nobody.
Implied Meaning: She can't make friends with anybody.
Actual Meaning: She can make friends with somebody.

did not barely understand what you were saying.
Implied Meaning: I did not understand anything you said.
Actual Meaning: I understood everything you said.

I never saw nothing.
Implied Meaning: I never saw anything.
Actual Meaning: I saw something.

That attitude won't get you nowhere.
Implied Meaning: That attitude won't get you anywhere.
Actual Meaning: That attitude will get you somewhere.

I'm not going to no party.
Implied Meaning: I'm not going to any party.
Actual Meaning: I am going to a party.

I haven't had no luck with finding a job.
Implied Meaning: I haven't had any luck finding a job.
Actual Meaning: I have had some luck finding a job.

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One person asks another: You ride a horse?

The other person replies: Not if I can help it.

What does that mean? Here's the explanation:

It is a somewhat humorous answer.

It means she tries not to ride horses. She only rides a horse if she has no choice. Maybe she never rides horses.

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Here, are some animals name that we can use them in our sentences as a verb but their meaning are completely different!
try to look at them!

Crane (noun): A large bird with long legs & a long neck.
(verb): to lean or stretch over sth in order to see sth better; to stretch your neck.
EX: People were craning out of the windows & waving.

Dog (noun): An animal with four legs & a toil, often kept as a pet or trained for work.
(verb): 1. (of a problem or bad luck) to cause you for a long time.
EX: He had been dogged by bad health all his life.
2. to follow Sb closely.
EX: She had the impression that s.o was dogging her steps.

Duck (noun): A common bird that lives on or near water and has short legs,webbed feet.
(verb): to move your head or body down wards to avoid being hit or seen.
EX: He had to duck as he come through the door.

Fish (noun): A creature that lives in water.
(verb): to search for sth.
EX: She fished around in her bag for her keys.

Snake (noun): A reptile with a very long thin body & no legs.
(verb): to move like a snake, in long twisting curves.
EX: The road snaked away into the distance.

Wolf (noun): A large wild animal of dog family.
(verb): to eat food very quickly, especially by putting a lot of it in your mouth at once.
EX: Don t wolf your food like that!

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1. level playing field - equal conditions for all people or groups
Example: "The WTO agreement helps to level the playing field, which gives us the chance to compete anywhere in the world." 

2. the lion’s share - the largest part
Example: "If we want the lion’s share of the profit, we’ll have to do the lion’s share of the work." 

3. number crunching - analyze numbers 
Example: "I’ll go back to my office and do some number crunching, then tell you the results tomorrow." 

4. pipe dream - something that is unrealistic 
Example: "Do you think we can really live on the moon some day, or is it just a pipe dream?" 

5. play hardball - deal in a tough way 
Example: "If he tries to block this deal in any way, we’ll just have to start playing hardball." 

6. power lunch - big business dealing while eating lunch 
Example: "The top executives met with their bankers at the best restaurant in town. It was a real power 

7. push the envelope - move beyond current limits 
Example: "Teacher Joe is always pushing the envelope by giving us new activities such as dictations, jokes 
and interesting discussion topics." 

8. put on the map - make well-known 
Example: "They’ve had some good products in the past, but nothing special. This new device is so good that 
it finally puts them on the map." 

9. savvy - smart and knowledgeable 
Example: "He’s a savvy investor so there is a high probability this project will be successful." 

10. sea change - a large change 
Example: "Globalization has brought about a sea change. Those who don’t change will end up sinking!" 

11. flying by the seat of your pants - intuitively (flying an airplane with no instruments) 
Example: "Who knows if they will succeed or not? Without a clear business plan, they are just flying by the 
seat of their pants." 

12. shotgun approach - strike widely rather than focussing 
Example: "Taking a shotgun approach is a big risk. We may not hit any target at all. If we can identify one 
good target, we can develop a more precise marketing plan." 

13. step up to the plate - take responsibility 
Example: "We’ve done all that we can to prepare. Now it’s time to step up to the plate and do it!" 
14. talk until you are blue in the face - try to persuade someone with no results 
Example: "You can talk until you are blue in the face, but I will never believe that Teacher Joe is the funniest 
English teacher in the world." 

15. the bottom line - the final result 
Example: "Although we worked hard on this deal, the bottom line is we didn’t make the sale, so it was a complete failure." 

16. the name of the game is... - the basic purpose 
Example: "The name of the game is service. If we focus on that, the customers will always come back." 

17. take a haircut - take a loss 
Example: "We really took a haircut on that one! We’re going to have to negotiate a better deal next time." 

18. tweak something - make a slight adjustment 
Example: "By tweaking the economy, the government hopes to avoid a recession." 

19. unwind a deal - take apart or undo something 
Example: "We have to unwind this deal, then we can start over again." 

20. a zero sum game - a situation where someone wins so someone else must lose 
Example: "I don’t think this is a zero-sum game. If the customer wins, we win too."

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